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You addressed be my name you freak. You and your special needs...

I answered you completely as a objectively. I told you are prying, and that you wouldn't get an answer and this thread will be deleted and closed.

You seem to not be able to comprehend that and are feeding your mindless compulsion of posting useless and stupid shit.

I told you in a nice way, totally objective and fair. And then you name me and say we did not answer accordingly. If you were toilet trained you'd at least know this is the point where you apologize.
You're laughable, or dense, apart from behaving like a child with that use of words. How old are you? If anything, you and a couple more should've apologized in the first place.
Again, and this time I hope this will get through your thick skull: instead of quoting previous meesages you directed at me, I took advantage from one single post to address some of your points and the other dude's.