Although I am very skeptical about the Brazilian press, I've decided to share this piece of information in order to verify its veracity.

Here's what it says:

"The Offspring, who played last Saturday at Rock in Rio, asked press photographers something very unusual. Every photo taken of the band would have to be approved by the members before being released. In our behalf, VEJA magazine, only two photos were approved and Dexter Holland cannot be seen in any of them.

Before the show, photographers had to sign a contract in which they agree to publish only images that have been approved by the band and also followed a certain protocol. The contract said that photos from the waist up and close-ups were strictly forbidden.

Now for the most bizarre comment:

Perhaps, because all of them – especially 47-year-old Dexter Holland – seem to weigh more than when they were popular, in the 90’s, with songs like Pretty Fly (For a white guy).

That is flat out ridiculous.