...my thread about Gone Away got locked and certain users not even warned or their posts deleted for calling names. I guess being old users has its benefits, right? This thread may get closed or deleted or me banned (which would again be unfair) but I really don't care. I came to this forum to discuss things in a civil way but got "welcomed" by a couple of oversensitive sheep not only failing at humour but being disrespectful and doin' everything they could to derail things. We all share the lov for this gtreat band, why the need to bevahe like this? I don't see how asking just a simple thing would cause a snow ball. Those same people "protecting" the band from posts about Gone Away are actually doin' the opposite thing: making a mountain out of a molehill. I guess Oxygene got offended by my last post and resorted to a cheap copout; maybe his took offense for some reason and projected, once more, his forced and rusty English on me. You clearly have issues. Maybe a sticky FAQ clerly stating Gone away questions are forbidden and explaining what the official info is so far about the song would put these tipics to rest. Is it ok to express myself here in this sections of the forums, is there another way to do it?