I couldn't find a fantasy set list thread since Days Go By was released so let's start one up!

1. Neocon
2. The Noose
3. All I Want
4. Have You Ever
5. Staring at the Sun
6. The Meaning of Life
7. Mota
8. Dividing by Zero
9. Slim Pickens
10. Get it Right
11. Gone Away
12. Half-Truism
13. Smash
14. Forever and a Day
15. Huck It
16. Dirty Magic (Days Go By Version)
17. Americana
18. Tehran
19. Change the World
20. The Kid's Aren't Alright


21. Session
22. Pay the Man
23. Self Esteem

If I ever win the lottery I am having them play this set list at a private party and all you fuckers are invited.