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Thread: Senior Year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas View Post
    If you are worried about the commitment, both with time and finances, of going to college, I would recommend attending a good community college to get any gen-eds or 100 level classes out of the way. Unless you plan on going to a big-name Ivy League school or something, the credits should transfer over, and you'll save yourself a metric dick-ton of money that way. I wish I did it my first 2 years of college because all I took was gen-eds anyway, and I would've saved myself somewhere around the ballpark of $10,00 if I had gone that route instead.
    Was just discussing this elsewhere - the stigmas toward CCs need to go away. It makes a lot of sense to go to a CC the first two years for a lot of people, and then transfer to a university for the classes in your field. If people started doing this in high numbers, universities would be forced to lower tuition rates. It's probably the best way to get that to happen, because they're not going to change otherwise. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with $20,000 of debt. I did my first year at a smaller and cheaper school (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater), and then an additional four years at the U of M. I looked up tuition costs for the U of M a few months ago, and it's now $5,000/semester. Four years there is now $40,000, of course still not including books and costs of living. Long gone are the days of saving up for your kids' college fund, or working your way through college. It's all about a shitload of debt now, and most jobs don't pay a salary that allows the graduate to pay it off in a timely manner. If/when I have kids, and if the tuition situation hasn't changed, I will definitely direct them toward the idea of CC before transferring to a university.
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    I do not drink alcohol and coffee

    I do not smoke and do not do drugs

    I just do bumpin in my trunk

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    Quote Originally Posted by dexter12296566 View Post
    Oh and PiB, the funny thing about my growth thus far is that I think the boards were quite beneficial.
    I always love it when people say that. And there have been a lot of people who have said that over the years. Myself included.

    Of course, by the time you started posting here it had became pretty tame, compared to the earlier days anyway. But I'm glad the less intense treatment still worked for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by dexter12296566 View Post
    I also have to admit it was partially me because I changed and I get treated better(Funny how that works)
    That's another thing I always loved here. If you legitimately change no one will hold the past against you.

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    I'm slightly rambling
    It's your thread. Ramble all you want. Besides, it was the good kind of rambling.
    Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Bill Hicks

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    Just a quick update in case anyone was interested, I did get the John and Abigail Adam's scholarship so I can get my bachelor's degree from any Massachusetts state school without paying tuition. Also, after talking to my guidance counselor it looks like I will probably be attending community college for a year or two and I will probably be dual enrolling in community college next semester to take either Spanish or American Sign Language. Thank you guys, for that suggestion because for what ever reason I had completely overlooked community colleges as if they didn't exist, probably because so many of my friends have done dual enrolling or alternative high school programs through the community college here and I also do programs there so it doesn't really seem much like a college.
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    Reading this thread made me throw up.
    Because I'm already sick and the color scheme must have set me off. Sorry about that.
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    Also, sometimes I'm not sober. Sometimes I make threads when I'm not sober.
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    You're too late. I've already infiltrated the Offspring forums. Next, it's the world!
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    Cranking it into a red solo cup while watching 40 year old re-runs of I Dream of Jeanie all the while snorting black pepper and knocking back shots of Jack.

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    I love ASL. That is a passion of mine. I'm always signing either to myself listening to music or I'm teaching my guy some signs.

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