Let's face it, the world will never get tired of The Offspring; every compilation they put out has sold well, even under a limited release (like Happy Hour).

So for a different compilation, I propose to have another rarities compilation, but unlike Happy Hour, most of the tracks haven't received a formal release. Here's what I'm thinking:
  • 1985 Manic Subsidal Session
  • 1986 Demo Tape
  • I'll Be Waiting/Blackball (1986)
  • 1988 Demo Tape
  • S/T Outtakes
  • Baghdad EP (1991)
  • 1991 Demo Tape (no copies surfaced)
  • Take It Like a Man (Non-album track, 1991)
  • Mission from God and Other Ignition Outtakes

At the least, there's 17 confirmed songs that could use a release there (who knows some of the gems we've never even heard of). I mainly chose songs from early in the band's career, those are the most well-known rarities to fans. There certainly exist outtakes from 1994 and beyond, but not much has been revealed on those. I think a compilation like this would also have some variety, compiling different tracks from throughout the band's history; the 1986 and 1988 demo tapes are important in that they brought the band exposure through positive reviews in Maximumrocknroll Magazine. The 1991 tape was what got them signed to Epitaph. While these tapes are available online (save for the 1991 tape), I think a professional remastering would really make them sound their best.

An example of this done right is Nirvana's With the Light Out compilation. It's a very inclusive set that includes most of the band's known studio work, and even some home recordings.