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Thread: Dexter listed as "Rock 'n roll's five brainiest stars"

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    Default Dexter listed as "Rock 'n roll's five brainiest stars"

    Dexter is listed at #3 on this list called "Rock 'n roll's five brainiest stars".

    Quote Originally Posted by Yahoo!7
    The Offspring guitarist and lead singer of the punk-rock band earned a bachelor and masters degree in molecular biology at the University of Southern California, but abandoned his PhD studies to focus on music and hasn't yet returned to the books.
    The founder of The Offspring Wikia, and looking for someone to help out, find out why at this thread.

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    That the description of "not returning to the books" its not accurate.

    Wasnt he researching HIV cure or something?

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    Well-deserved spot. The Offspring aren't afraid to just be themselves.

    I've seen Dexter and James thrown around a lot when it comes to rockstars who have degrees. This band's got some serious brains to it.
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