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I'm not sure where exactly I stand on this. While I would never go out dressed as a sexy anything, if people are comfortable to do that, let them. Anyone who thinks someone is a 'slut' for wearing a short dress is an idiot anyway.

But, as llamas said, it is extremely annoying that, if you are having a last-minute panic and try to find a costume, you're faced with tons of sexy outfits...and maybe a nun outfit too. It would be nice if there were a bit more options! It's also pretty frustrating when you are trying to find costume ideas online, but can only find sexy versions, and not historically accurate ones.

I also tend to prefer more imaginative costumes anyway - its nice when people make an effort, instead of throwing on a french maid dress they found in Hallmark.
I basically agree with this.

Lines in the video like, "you can just be a nurse, you don't have to be a sexy nurse" kind of sum it all up for me. I kinda took the "keep your tits in" lines as there for humor. I love the part about cops: "never seen a cop with tits out. they don't do that." Yes, perhaps I do look down on laziness. Last year I didn't have a costume for Carnival, and the day before, I used a pack of cleaning towels, a cardboard box, some tape, and a green tshirt to make a TMNT costume. Took me like half an hour, and I got constant compliments on it being the best last-minute costume ever. It also cost me all of like 1€ to make. Elitist, though? I'd say the ones who blow money on dumb costumes are a bit more elite than the ones saving money by coming up with stuff on their own.

And T, I guess you haven't heard women complain about the selection at the stores, and how they're dressed "slutty" because every women's costume in the store is "slutty" and they had no other options - as they're dressed in those very costumes. Pretty sure the video here goes out directly to them. Men's costumes may also be of low quality, but it's a bit depressing as a woman to see that every Halloween costume made for you is a "slutty" version of something incredibly stupid - every Halloween costume exists to sexualize you, and yes it sucks that that's the world we live in.

Let's all keep in mind that I don't think that actually being "slutty" is a bad thing.