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oh so the fuck what. college kids paying $400 for a text book and people who have grown up in miserable poverty should get away with a free ride for like, a year. I hear people piss and moan about this and "my tax money" all the time. well, your tax money is keeping your neighborhood from becoming an industrial sacrifice zone so stfu.
There in lies the problem. You in all your genius see no issue with people getting a free ride from others efforts. Here's a news flash that you may actually understand in about 100 years...nobody deserves a free ride. Miserable poverty...laughable. If anyone in the most successful country mankind has ever known is currently living in miserable poverty, they better look in the mirror and figure out why. Poor fucking pitiful me...boo hoo. Holy shit, how did anyone even survive the great depression with ZERO help from the government? Talk to your grand parents sometime if they went through that little bit of hell. That was poverty. And...maybe, just maybe, if you're going to college with $400 textbooks, you better make sure you can afford it first.