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    How do you dress:

    for work
    for cocktails, evenings out etc
    for the week-end
    for the country, hiking, ...
    at home
    to look formal/smart
    to look casual
    to look chic
    in spring/summer vs autumn/winter

    What dress and shoe style(s) do you particularly like?
    What do you like but never dress in?
    What clothes/shoes wouldn't you be caught dead in?
    Do you ever purchase second-hand/vintage clothing or do you stick to new garments?
    Do you order on the internet or do you prefer to go shopping?

    Do you even care about dress-style or are you colour-blind? Do "shape", "fit", "cut" convey any sort of meaning to you or are they only empty words to your ears?

    Do you wear designer clothing or does a $10 Chinese pair of jeans suit you fine? Even considering the health hazard? Do you laugh at that or does "organic" cotton, natural fibres, luxurious feel etc represent a great added value you wouldn't part with for the world?

    Do you consider that "a sense of style is what this country needs" (amongst a thousand other necessities...)?

    What do you think of these videos:

    What apparel would you wear if money and time were not an issue?

    Are you ok with real fur / faux fur?
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