Hey guys, it's been a while, hasn't it? Let's see if we can put together another one of these. Now that these mixtapes have been mentioned on the BBS podcast, we might even get Noodles to listen to this, so let's take that as an incentive to get a good new mixtape together!
Here is the description that Ryder1234 gave for one of the first mixtapes for those who don't really know what this is about yet:

What is it?
A collection of mp3's performed by members of the forum. Basically a .zip/.rar file that people can download & listen to.

How many tracks?
Around 15.

What are the qualifications?

Um, must be member of the forum, preferably posts in not just this forum. Does not have to be a band.. Instrumental is okay, too.

Let's just say that as long as it doesn't literally hurt my ears to listen to it, I'll okay it. Oh and as much as I love Pay The Man, 13-minute tracks rarely work so the track should be within considerable limits.

Doesn't have to be a new track, you could have recorded it in 2006 as long as it's by you/your band.

I would love if it was more original songs than covers but I guess covers are okay, too. Let's say you have an okay original song and a kickass cover; please submit the okay original song. The idea is to get your voice heard! :]

Anything else?

- Largely depends on the number of submissions but for now: 2 songs per artist/band, and I'll probably pick one of those.. Or send just one song if you feel confident enough in it.

- Genre can be anything but I would ask you to submit an approachable track; an 8 minute noise track might be the best thing you've ever done but will the others get into it?
As the title suggests, I intend on having this released by Christmas. Submit your songs by the 12th of December! Who's in?