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Except call the police?

If you're not going to call the police for whatever fucked-up reason, it sounds like the only alternatives are ;

- ignore this person and hope he eventually stops bothering you.
- engage him in dialogue and find if there's anything you can do to come to some kind of truce.
- move someplace else.
- murder him in cold blood, then get caught and go to prison for a long long time.

Take your pick and leave us out of it, because God and the Angels are not going to help you, and neither is anybody on an internet BBS.
Now you need to shut the fuck up. I wanted to call the police, but my roommates won't for a bunch of bullshit reasons. When I asked for help, I was looking for some ideas on how to handle the situation. You get a second shut the fuck up for trying to tell me what god and the angels will or won't do. Did god tell you, no I won't help yellow? Wtf, why were you nice and now you are being a douchebag?

Plus god and the angels will help karma get him!
People get killed where I live if you go to the cops. And his douchebag was around long before I moved to the neighborhood. And yes I do plan on moving as soon as I can. If I could some how talk to the cops without him knowing I would...maybe have him get busted on a different charge so he doesn't come after my roommates and I.

I asked the board for help because there are a lot of guys on the board, and maybe one of them had a bully experience and could share what he did to make the bully stop.