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Thread: I would like to propose to marry me at a concert Samara.

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    Default I would like to propose to marry me at a concert Samara.

    I'm a big fan of the band Offspring, like my girlfriendl! I was delighted by the fact that they come to our city! I would like to ask my girlfiend "Would you marry me" on the stage! Can it be done?! How do I get in touch with the organizers of the concert? Who can I write a letter??! Please answer me and support this theme , maybe someone from Offspring will notice this topic and write me! I beg you! It is very important to me! I do not have six months to make a bid, because I want to make it beautiful that she remembered it! Please understand me and help me!!

    My E-mail:
    My Phone : 8 960 831 81 42
    My Skype: sqaerzavr

    Please please please!!!!
    Make my dream come true!!!

    Sorry for my english!((

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    Good luck, dude! Hope you get in contact with the right guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mega Man View Post
    Good luck, dude! Hope you get in contact with the right guys.

    THANX!!!!! It`s very important for me!))))!!!

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    I would guess, that you would be better off contacting the venue and ask them if it would be possible to arrange the proposal on stage.
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    good luck

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    Thank you all for your support! I am now trying to contact the organizers of the concert. But it seems to me that they can't help! The matter is that in Russia, foreign stars as gods, and the organizers will hardly something to offer to the group. It all depends on the decision of Dexter, Greg, Noodles or Pete. So for me it is very important that this topic on the forum received the maximum number of reviews. Maybe then they will notice and decide to make my dream come true!)))))

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    Wow! This is great - Your girlfriend is as big fan to The Offspring as You are! I hope You'll get a chance to make your proposition on this concert and I believe her answer it'll be - Yes, I do! Or maybe better - F*ck, Yeah! Congrats on your idea - seems great to me!
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    Welcome to the club. Congratulations!

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    I don't know if this could help or not, but if organizers failed to help try to contact the band directly using the e-mail shown here on home says that each e-mail is read so give it a go... I know there was a video from Offspring concert(I think it was in France but that's not important) where a guy did the same thing and proposed to his girlfriend on stage during Offspring gig so it's definitely doable! Good luck

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    I have some not so good news for you buddy... I don't think that's something that can happen. I've asked Dexter about that in the past (wether I could one day propose on stage) and he said like "Dude, I am sure you can think of way more romantic ways to propose than that". It wasn't a specific request or anything just a kind of general enquiry, but I don't think the chances are so great. If anything if you are lucky you may be able to propse perhaps before they take the stage, but for that you would need to get premission from the venue and promoters like that (they would also probably run it by the band).

    Anyway lots of luck, but I wouldn't set my heart on it.

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    maybe you could contact Pete on facebook or Noodles on twitter, I think they are somewhat accesible.

    Even thou this happened before I dont think is too easy to achieve it, still Im thinking other tricky thing what if your wife to be enters this freaking forum and sees this post , there goes the surprise

    Good luck I hope I can marry someday too when I find a women I can give my heart that doesnt dump me right after

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