Eating, apparently

Quite impressive, and it's no coincidence that the video was uploaded by Gringo Bandito.

Though honestly, what has he been up to since becoming an unintentional star in "Come Out and Play?"

He's been around in the punk community for a while, as he allegedly became acquainted with The Offspring in their early days as a heckler, always requesting "Blackball." Funny enough, when the track got re-recorded for the band's debut LP, there's a Jason credited (among others) for the gang vocals at the end of the song.

Meanwhile, we all know he returned for "Mota" on Ixnay on the Hombre, and also contributed backing vocals to "Smashed Again" by Sloppy Seconds from their album, More Trouble Than They're Worth (which happened to be released on Nitro). I wonder what else he's been on.