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    I took it that he wanted to encourage discourse that could lead to change rather than start an actual revolution right this minute.

    Jebus, I totally get what you're saying and that's why anarchists have always tended to annoy me. You can't just tear shit down without having a solid plan of what to do after. And I really don't think Brand was proposing that we should do that, but he also wasn't proposing any particular new system either.

    What he was doing was expressing absolute dissatisfaction with the current system and encouraging that we discuss the problems and look for possibilities for real change. And that's what got me excited. He clearly believes that change is possible. That we don't actually have to live like this. He doesn't need to have any of the answers. He only needs to encourage people to consider it and talk about it and believe that it's possible. Because most people don't seem to think it's possible. Most people seem to have just accepted that this is as good as it gets. And I was certainly one of them. And it's so fucking depressing.

    I don't believe he was necessarily contravening Churchill either. The question is not whether democracy is the best form of government. And it's not whether we need government. It's whether this democracy provides us with the kind of government we need. A government that cares about people, not corporations. I don't believe Brand was saying that voting is inherently bad or pointless. I believe that he is saying that under the current system it is bad and pointless because capitalistic greed and corruption has ruined any noble concept of democracy or chance for change.

    I believe he just wants "radical" ideas and concepts to become more well known and openly discussed with the hope that through discussion new possibilities might be found. Surely the only people against that sort of thing are those who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. Anyone with an interest in bettering humanity should encourage free sharing of ideas.

    Edit: Eskimo, the fact that he's rich and saying these things is awesome. Giving his money away wouldn't make any difference to the world and he'd be just another bitter poor person. Instead, he's rich and still cares. He's the 1% standing up for the 99%. How the fuck can you be cynical about this?
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