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Thread: Weezer reuniting with Ric Ocasek on new album

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    Default Weezer reuniting with Ric Ocasek on new album

    I just saw that Weezer will be reuniting with Ric Ocasek (who produced The Blue Album and The Green Album) as the producer for their next album. This should be the best Weezer album in years (I think either The Green Album or Maladroit was their last good album before they started putting out some half-good, half-lame stuff).
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    The more recent stuff was surprisingly non-sucky. They're never really going to reach the same level of stuff they were doing with Blue and Pinkerton though, though I can appreciate stuff like Green and Maladroit too for more lightweight run-of-the-mill fun stuff. Blue's still a fucking amazing pop album though.

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