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Thread: Quotes that got stuck in your head...

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    Default Quotes that got stuck in your head...

    ... although you cannot for the life of you remember WHERE you've heard or read them.

    I've got one, and it's been bothering me for about a week. It's not strictly speaking a quote, it's paraphrased, I cannot bring to mind the exact words but one thing I vividly recall is the impression that was left by the quote, the idea behind it. It just sprang in my brain a week or so ago and it hasn't left since, the more I keep trying to remember where I read it, the more confused I get, almost, but not quite remembering... It really is maddening.

    It is a man speaking. I distinctly remember it is a man speaking, aged about... 45, 50. A mature, self-assured man.

    "You should not set store by the way a woman looked at you. You may think she is burning up with adoration for you, when in fact she would look at a dog or a tree in the same fashion."

    I also remember it's the answer to something a younger man just said. You get it, it's called a "dialogue". Now, I am pretty sure I read this somewhere, and the book I read it from is French, of that I am... fairly certain - not a dead cert, more like... 75% chances. To all appearances, it is a 19th C novel - judging by the turns of phrases and the spirit.

    Ice-cream for anyone who can tell me which novel that was. You would save me much headache.

    Your turn to put down your memorable quotations culled you only wish you knew where from.
    No cheating, no off-the-cuff "quotes"!

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    That sounds kind of Dumas-esque.

    There is that kind of sentence in the Three Musketeers but I can't remember that exact one....

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    I'll brush up on it.

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