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Thread: Wolf's Endeavor - 'The Horror' (new horror-punk album) - Includes "Thriller" cover

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    Default Wolf's Endeavor - 'The Horror' (new horror-punk album) - Includes "Thriller" cover 'THE HORROR' is the third album from my horror-punk project, WOLF'S ENDEAVOR ( I also play guitar for Disfunction - Horrorpunks in 21 ), and it is available at Amazon on CD/MP3 as well as at the bandcamp link here for streaming/purchase. Track 13 is a cover of Thriller, and the rest are mostly sci-fi/horror/action tributes. Lyrics & streaming audio for each song can be found at and the amazon link is . Just in time for Halloween... Thanks for checking it out. (Free streaming below!)

    "Thriller" by itself, and the full 13-track album are below for streaming.

    1. in the year 200X
    2. Red Pill Ethics
    3. Charlene
    4. Road Warrior
    5. Burn in Hell
    6. Zombie Hippies
    7. Vader
    8. Escape from NY
    9. The Horror
    10. Ministry of Love
    11. Die Hard
    12. The New Batch
    13. Thriller

    I'm pretty happy with the sound quality this time around. Combined strongest elements of first two records. First album had a wolf, second album had fire, so a wolf's head made of fire was the obvious choice for the third record.
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