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Thread: BBS Mixtape VIII - participate!

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    Default BBS Mixtape VIII - participate!

    Woah what's this?

    Yeah, it's happening again, it's time for the next mixtape. I know a lot of you already know how this thing works, but for anyone who's not up to date, the mixtape is a collection of songs made by members of this forum that we compile together and release for your listening pleasure. Anyone is welcome to submit a song or 2, whether your band made it, or it's your own solo stuff. Check out the main thread in the Your Band section for the deets ->

    The deadline for submitting is December 12th, so get recording!
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    I will also be submitting.

    Feel free to join in, the Mixtape is a great way to get others to listen to your stuff and to find out what kinds of music other BBSers write. Plus, there's no barrier to entry aside from being a member of the community!
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    I'll definitely be submitting! I have a lot more songs without vocals so if I get them done I'll submit them too

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