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    Hey Guys,

    My name is Sam Redfern; Iím 17 years old and currently attending Coonabarabran High School, NSW, Australia. At the beginning of 2013, my community, a town of around 4,500 people suffered a major bushfire. The fire tore through 53 homes were lost as well as 57,000 hectares of agriculture and national park lands. For the last 8 months, I have been trying to organize a charity concert for the people who lost everything, as well as the brave fire-fighters and volunteers who gave up time and put in the hard effort, but I keep getting knocked back from the large tour companies. This concert will also incorporate the Newcastle/ Lithgow bushfires, that consumed 350+ homes and 150, 000 hectares of land. A total of around 400 homes have been lost this year alone and my community is still suffering emotionally and financially, as itís been evident every day since the fires.

    This is why it is my dream to host a festival in Coonabarabran with the biggest artists of this generation. All bands/artists have highly influenced my life and I have the utmost respect for all band members. The concert will be called "Rumble Bee" and should become an annual festival if all goes well. The majority of proceeds will be going to companies such as the "Red Cross" and the "Salvation Army" to distribute to victims, but artists will also get their shares if they so choose.

    However, I need help with getting contacts. I think a 12 month anniversary (anywhere between January - April) would be just the thing this town needs. There is much support for this concert, and a venue is secured and an attendance estimate of 30,000+ (x2 days). So please help me with this. I know itís a big ask, and a long shot, but I have put so much into this.

    Thanks heaps for reading.

    Sam Redfern.

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    Go blow a turtle, spamqueen.

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    Sam, just ignore Eskimo. He's trying to troll you.

    It sounds like your community suffered a real tragedy. I wish you all the best in profiting from it directly or indirectly.
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    Cheers P.i.B, supportive comments really do go a long way and keep us going. I wish you all the best also

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