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Thread: I hate Multi-Level Marketing Companies

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    Default I hate Multi-Level Marketing Companies

    Ever been suckered into participating in one? I once drove about 30 minutes to an "interview" before I realized what it was...

    Veema, Amway,'s all a bunch of bullshit that only works for people who have no soul and are also a bit lucky.

    Research has shown that less than 5% of MLM employees actually profit. Even the ones that do profit make a good deal of their money by encouraging others to join an industry with a 95+% failure rates (employees get paid for getting others to sign up/the sales that those employees make).

    The thing that really gets me fired up is that I SWEAR that these MLM companies have people assigned to making many postings on social media and other websites to give them a positive web presence. Do a search on Youtube for Veema for example. For a company where almost everyone fails, you can hardly find a negative video about them. And the videos that do address the scam accusations are usually ones that deny that it's a scam. Furthermore, I recently posted on Yahoo Answers asking where I could find data on the earnings of Veema and other MLM employees. The question was REPORTED. Why?!

    I have a pretty dumb friend who was suckered into attending one of these presentation/meetings and I sat in on it too, ONLY because I had agreed to give him a ride without knowing exactly where I was going initially. They make it seem as if the only reason people don't take advantage of this opportunity is because they have a negative attitude and can't think outside the box. And more importantly, they make it seem as though the only people that fail after joining Veema are those who are lazy and expect results too quickly.

    In reality, the only people that should be joining MLM companies are those who have taken the time to adequately understand why 95+% of employees fail, and who have a good reason to believe that they will have success.
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