Hey guys,saw ye in Dublin on the Splinter tour,dont think ye have been back since.We now have more smaller venues than we had back then and a way more festivals..(check out our Electric Picnic festival just to name one).I live in Cork and we have a Live at the Marquee festival with runs over june and july with indivadual bands playing eash night.It would be brilliant if ye could find a slot over here either before or after yer Download date,ye have loads of fans over here and from what i remember of that night in Dublin,ye put on a great show.
Anyway,i know that one post wont make ye put on a gig but i thought that maby a reminder that were over here,year on year hopeing to hear of an irish gig might do something...the Download date has raised our hopes!
last year ZZ Top played Cork,in the previous years we've had the likes of Slayer,Megadeth,Tom Petty all selling out big crowds and treating us to great shows.This year The pixies,Elbow and Robert Plant have been anounced so far...Come on over guys,we'll all come out n play!!