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    Default that's scary...

    What scares me about that article is that I know for sure that none (and I mean none) of this is true.

    Best part : the problem with the French is they have no word for entrepreneur.

    Entrepreneur is a FRENCH word !

    But she's a journalist. And apparently, one that actually writes a lot of articles.

    So that makes me wonder...How much crap do I read in the paper everyday about countries I know nothing about ?

    This is crazy !

    Edit: And now the rant of the french girl who is pissed by reading such a thing. I hate that kind of person. She is living in one of the best (and most expensive !) places in Paris (still the milk is 6 euros for 6 liters. Not 4$ for half a liter !). Her son is attending one of the most exepnsive private school in France. And she's ranting about the decline of the country because socialits have been elected ?! I am aboslutely sure that her life didn't change at all. Poor people life has changed because of crisis and I think the only thing that socialists can be blamed for is not reacting fast enough to make THEIR life easier.
    "OH MY GOD, SOCIALIIISTS, THE COUNTRY IS RUINED !" Fuck this. Nothing has changed.
    You don't want to pay taxes ? Go live in the Caimans and go fuck yourself. When your son is sick, who is going to pay for it ?
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    Wow, this article is insanely biased and misleading. The first sentence that jumped out at me was, "Since the arrival of Socialist President François Hollande in 2012, income tax and social security contributions in France have skyrocketed. The top tax rate is 75 percent, and a great many pay in excess of 70 percent."
    Not President Francois Hollande (of the Socialist party) or something. He is Socialist President Francois Hollande. Come on, you couldn't show your ignorance any harder if you tried. She didn't introduce Sarkozy as Capitalist President Nicolas Sarkozy.

    All business and creative people are leaving? Really? How about some proof? Because I know that is not true.

    I can't tell what's up with that entrepreneur line... it is a myth that Bush once said that very thing, and it shows up often in lists of Bush's biggest gaffes. He never actually said it, but that's where it comes from. So when she says, "As they say", I can't tell if she's being tongue-in-cheek in a way I'm not understanding, or if she's really that stupid.

    In fact, though, this article is infuriating. Her comparison of the cost of a gallon of milk... milk is very cheap in the US compared to most places because Americans drink it like mad. I typically pay around $3 for a half gallon of milk in Slovenia because it's basically used for adding to coffee. There's also her use of "nanny state", and mentioning a chief legal counsel at a major French company who's angry at socialism. I get that taxes are ridiculously high in France right now (too high - this is a problem in Slovenia, as well), but to write an article about how France is falling because of it? Make unproven claims about all the best French people leaving (by the way, emigration is at a record high throughout the world due to the crisis everywhere - people are going elsewhere from TONS of countries)? Terrible article. I really expected it to be satire for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harleyquiiinn View Post
    Entrepreneur is a FRENCH word !
    That part has to be an attempt at humour. Has to be.

    But do carry on. We don't often get to see you angry.
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