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Thread: Peter O'Toole was still ALIVE

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    Default Peter O'Toole was still ALIVE

    But now he's not. Be honest, how many of you assumed he was dead already?

    I remember watching Troy all the way back in 2004 or so and being surprised even then because I thought he was already dead.

    I think he just seemed to belong so firmly to a previous era that his existence in this one always seemed almost like an anachronism to me.

    It's odd that I sometimes find the "is DEAD" threads distasteful or disrespectful but today I found myself lamenting the fact nobody had made one for O'Toole.

    If I ever become one of those guys who name their penis I'm gonna call mine Peter O'Toole.

    I'll never be one of those guys.

    Apparently though he was just another douchey actor who really had it coming.

    RIP Sir Cedric Charles Willingham.
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    This was just great


    All the Beautiful Things you do

    Respect my authoritah !

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    Yeah the IS DEAD threads are pretty distasteful.

    Personally I was hoping you had made this thread yesterday, and were forced by recent events to correct the title to what it is now.
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    Colleague broke it to me this very morning. Could hardly believe it. Refused to. Loved the fellow to bits. My favourite performance: Night of the Generals.

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