I am doing a really huge research project for school and part of my project is interviewing an expert in the field I am studying. I already did one interview with an expert on chemical warfare but I didn't find out too much about biological warfare. I wanted to have more than one interview anyways. My topic question is "What are chemical and biological weapons and how might they affect the humans?" so I was originally focused on just Chem-Bio Warfare but now I need to get into microbiology and DNA structure and also government treaties like the Geneva Convention. I also need to add in context of why it matters today. I'm focusing on Ricin and Bacillus Anthracis as bio-weapons and Agent Orange(even though it is actually a defoliant) and Sarin as chemical weapons because of everything in Syria, fears and threats since 9/11, and recent developments by Monsanto. If anyone on the here actually has a degree in microbiology or really any field of science that studies things related to Bio-Chem and you are willing to do an interview via email or Skype, please contact me. Thanks.