Ah, okay. Fair enough. I didn't watch the videos.

But yeah, overall I guess it just doesn't bug me all that much, since both sides are represented with the left/right networks. It's bullshit, but it all kind of balances out and you just have to filter it all, separate the story from the talking points. I guess at least they tend to get the broad facts down first, before firing up the partisan machine, unlike CNN which lately is just in this race to be "first first first!" with everything, get those scoops to try to save ratings drops, and basically being inaccurate in the process. Their Boston bombings/Washington shootings coverage was fucking atrocious.

"We don't know what the fuck's going on, but look, an ambulance! Shiney! We'll chase it for a while. Oh, and the dude was totally using an assault rifle in there, by the way."