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Thread: Birthday presents to the band from the Offspring Underground.

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    Default Birthday presents to the band from the Offspring Underground.

    The Offspring Underground are a group of hardcore Offspring fans from all over the world, nearly 20 countries so far, and are as close as family. Most of us have seen the band in concert and many of us have met or been acknowledged by the band at concerts and especially via Twitter. They've had a huge impact on our lives and we are making the effort to show it with special birthday gifts for each band member.

    We've been around for a year now and made various gifts for the Offspring last year, including that special birthday card for Noodles made by ToriOC and myself, as well as creating the #HappyBirthdayDexterHolland, #HappyBirthdayAsshole, and #HappyBeerthdayNoodles hashtags last year. We are making special gifts for the band again this year!

    Our birthday wishes to Dexter, consisting of just a handful of our members and edited by Suzy.

    Greg K: coming on January 20

    Noodles: coming on February 4

    Pete: coming on July 9
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    Sign this petition Suzy made for me to get my interview with Greg K:
    The Offspring UG interview me about said Greg K interview:
    Our official webpage:

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