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Thread: If you had to choose your least favorite offspring song

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    I guess I'll just list the tracks I skip on each album (besides intros and intermission)

    Self-titled, Ignition, and Ixnay are perfect and have no songs I skip.

    Smash and Americana only have one bad song each:
    So Alone - it just sucks. I've never liked this song. It doesn't sound like the Offspring, and it's not even remotely creative.

    She's Got Issues - it's not terrible, but it's the first super generic pop-rock song the band did. There's nothing interesting or memorable to it, so I usually skip it.

    Then we get into their newer records... and it's a shitstorm...

    Want You Bad - this song is She's Got Issues part 2. Only worse. I can't stand this song. Take my description of She's Got Issues and multiply it by 5.

    Special Delivery - just lame and kind of annoying.

    One Fine Day - frat boy crap.

    All Along - nothing but filler (though it's short enough that I often don't skip it).

    The Worst Hangover Ever - I despise this song. Dexter's voice is grating, the crappy reggae beat is annoying... and it's just dumb.

    Spare Me the Details - ugh, ugh, ugh. This was the first boring pop song. So much more to come...

    Da Hui - it's not that bad, it's just kinda meh and I usually turn Splinter off after Lightning Rod because the rest of the album is just not worth it.

    Kristy - RFRG is a masterpiece for the first six tracks. And then Kristy completely kills it. They went with the pop direction of Spare Me the Details, softened it up, and came out with this crap. I have no problem with pop or ballads, but the Offspring just does not do this stuff well.

    Nothingtown - generic rock track.

    Fix You - it's one of the better attempts at a pop tune that they've done, but it still doesn't really work for them.

    Days Go By - this might be my least favorite Offspring song, but not because it's the worst song they've written. It's an incredibly generic and bland rock song, but the fact that they released it as the single from the album AND named the album after it makes me really hate it.

    I Wanna Secret Family - Spare Me the Details part 2.

    For the record, I actually find that I like Cruisin' California. It's far, farrrr from a good song, but it's fun. I enjoy it in the mix. I also think that All I Have Left is You is the biggest success they've had at writing a pop ballad.

    Now I feel really bad because I just took the piss out of a bunch of Offspring songs. But doing this has made me wanna listen to them (not these songs - the Offspring :P), which I don't do much anymore. They'll always be a part of me, despite the bad songs they make They seriously have some damn amazing ones, as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by holland25 View Post
    And I respectfully disagree with this.
    Me too it's one of my favorite offspring songs it's a shame Denial, Revisited and Come Out Swinging were never played live

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