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Thread: Need recommendations for "new" music

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    Fair. Its definitely more bombastic than their other stuff.

    The lead singer came to a shitty bar I was at last summer, that was fun.
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    The Mae Shi
    I have a hard time getting into their older stuff, but the last album they put out before breaking up was really great. It kinda jumped between noisy, punky stuff and synth pop. They also did a pretty great cover of See you Again by Miley Cyrus.

    Really mellow, but with incredibly idiosyncratic guitar and bass interplay and vocal arrangements.

    The Dismemberment Plan
    They're influenced by lots of different styles like punk, post-punk, new wave, jazz, hip-hop, funk, jazz and R&B, and as a result their output can be pretty varied. They're frequently cited as one of the bands that helped start the dance-punk/post-punk revival thing that .

    Mostly grounded in post-hardcore, but more on the atmospheric and experimental side than the balls out kind (though they do that from time to time, too). They also incorporate things like folk and other genres into the mix to keep things from getting stale.

    Self-proclaimed "technicolor pogo-punk" they've got kind of a hyperkinetic punk/new-wave/synth-rock thing going on. They've churned about 15 albums in as many years and some stuff skews a bit more towards punky, others more towards the electronic side, some is noisier and some is poppier, but it's all great.

    Mr. Bungle dabble with everything from death metal and free jazz to world music and techno, generally as parts of the same song. The debut (which is my least favorite) was mostly grounded in funk, metal and ska. Their second was more grounded in extreme metal and free jazz, and their third one focused a bit more on world music and soul.
    Here's one from the first:
    From the second:
    From the third:

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    I'm not sure if everything below will be similar to what you usually listen to and/or like, but I'll post some of the bands I've been listening to lately.

    1. The White Mandingos
    Bad Brains bass player Darryl Jenifer's side-project. A rap-rock band, obviously with hardcore, punk and hip-hop influences. I've been listening to their album pretty much everyday but here are some of my favorite songs:

    1.1. Guilty of Being White
    A version of the classic Minor Threat song.
    1.2. My First White Girl
    Kick-ass rap song and a cool video, too.
    1.3. Warn A Brother
    A very good rap-rock based song.

    2 Billy The Kid
    A great hardcore band from Costa Rica, definitely the best band from the genre to have started in the last decade. The have a lot of influence from hip-hop, rap, metal and more. They remind me a lot of the NYHC bands.

    2.1. Goliath
    An awesome song from their last EP.
    2.2. Ed Gein
    Great NYHC-like song.
    2.3. Xthe Messagex
    A nice version of the classic Grandmaster Flash song.

    It's also worth mentioning that they did Smash (The Offspring) cover.

    3. BNegão & Seletores de Frequência
    This one may be a problem for most of you guys because of the language barrier, but I'm sure you guys can still appreciate it a lot. I would still love them even if I didn't speak Portuguese, I'm sure. This band mixes hip-hop with hardcore, rock, funk, rap and especially black music. Both of their albums are so great and very unique in their own ways, the songs differ a lot one from the other.

    3.1. Subconsciente
    Maybe the greatest hardcore-based instrumental song ever. Well, I still do prefer Bad Brains' "Come Down," so maybe the second greatest one?
    3.2. Funk Até o Caroço
    An awesome funk-based song.
    3.3. Alteração (EA!)
    An incredible soul, blues or whatever the hell it is song. Just freaking amazing.

    4. Off!
    Most of you probably know this one already but I can't stop loving this band. Current band of the almighty Keith Morris from Black Flag and Circle Jerks.

    4.1. Black Thoughts
    Just listen to the damn song, fuckin' awesome.
    4.2. Killing Away
    I like sort songs
    4.1. Panic Attack
    Some fine hardcore punk music.

    5. Tequila Baby
    Another band that sings in Portuguese. They're known as the Brazilian Ramones, they even toured with and had Marky Ramone on the band for quite some time. They've already opened 3 Offspring shows if I'm not mistaken and they'll be playing with them, too, next week.

    5.1. 51
    Their best song, in my opinion.
    5.2. Tira O Sutiã, Tira A Calcinha
    Nice punk rock song.
    5.3. She Belongs To Me
    Great Ramones cover, it even sounds better than the original, in my opinion. And I'm a HUGE Ramones fan!

    6. The Exploited
    Most of you probably know this one, but I just got into them very recently and they're fucking awesome. They're great live, too.

    6.1. Was It Me
    Great song from their last album, which I think is their best one.
    6.2. Chaos Is My Life
    6.3. Punk's Not Dead
    No comments needed.

    7. Hatebreed
    A Class A NYHC band. I've known and liked them for a while but I just saw them live and they fuckin' brought the place down.

    6.1. Defeatist
    This one just makes you want to fuck shit up in the mosh pit, right?
    6.2. As Diehard As They Come
    6.3. Refuse/Resit
    A great cover of the Sepultura classic, and I love Sepultura so there you go.

    7. The OverAlls
    A great Austrian band that I met and became friends with when they were on tour in Brazil. A great mixture of progressive rock with new metal and a bit of hardcore influence.

    6.1. Who Am I
    Great new metal based song.
    6.2. Egomaniac
    6.3. Theory of Conspiracy

    I may have gone too far but I just get too excited with music, let me know if you like anything in there.

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    The bands that I've been recommending to everyone are as follows.


    Wasn't mentioned, not sure if you know them or not. If on then off chance you don't, Check out Career Suicide. It's a good record to get into their music.


    My second favorite band next to the Offspring. I highly recommend An American Paradox, Twisted by Design and Agents of the Underground.


    They've really grown and are my favorite new band to follow. I have high hopes for their 2nd album as Misadventures is really good.


    I love this band. Bit of a stretch based on your taste, but they're good. All their albums are self-titled and I recommend their 2nd and 3rd album


    Just started getting into their music and I really like it.

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    Default You guys have awesome music taste.

    Just want to take a moment to say that Such Gold are rad, so so rad.

    Here are a few bands that I really like;

    La Dispute;

    Kind of reminiscent of Saetia and those other early 90's emo/post-hardcore bands, but with very interesting lyrical content and groovy instrumentals, there's a lot to this band and they've only released two albums as of yet. It took a while for the singers voice to grow on me but I've seen them live twice and they're fucking fantastic.

    Pianos Become The Teeth;

    From kind of the same scene as the band above, really good instrumentals with gut-wrenching vocals and emotive lyrics.


    Their older stuff is more punky, but it's all good. Their clean vocalist has moved onto City and Colour if you're into acoustic folk/alternative stuff.

    At The Drive In;

    Two of the ex-members of The Mars Volta, back when they were doing that alternative/post-hardcore thang, really cool inspired music.

    Frenzal Rhomb;

    REALLY SOLID Australian skate punk/punk rock. Their best albums are Sans Souci, Meet the Family and the one I've linked above, but all of their stuff is more or less awesome.

    Hope I helped :P
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    Alright, let's see if we can recommend you some things you may not have heard, but don't deviate too harshly from your established tastes. I'll recommend a couple of guitar-driven '90s alt. songs with a tad bit of shoegaze influence:

    Mazzy Star - Blue Flower

    Smashing Pumpkins - Rhinoceros

    Here are a couple of songs you may like if you dig the Pixies' brand of alt. rock:

    Stellastarr* - Somewhere Across Forever
    Stellastarr* - Jenny

    Some more good guitar-driven Alt. rock just for the hell of it:

    Jackson United - All the Way
    Jackson United - Fell Into

    If you're looking for a more pop-punk sound, here are a couple of good songs from a side-projected formed by Cone from Sum 41. But if you're a big Sum 41 fan, there's a good chance you've already heard these:

    The Operation M.D. - Sayonara
    The Operation M.D. - Someone Like You

    This is a pop-punk band from my town called A Good Fight:

    A Good Fight - The Drama
    A Good Fight - Dejavu in a Suitcase

    If you like any of those, I'll get back to you with more. But if you don't like them, I won't waste your time anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dexter85 View Post
    Hi! Thanks for the tip! I actually have a handful of The Living End's songs (incl. those you sent me) and I really like them! Have you heard All Torn Down? Great song.
    Yeah, but that song hasn't really clicked with me yet, most of the same album is quite brilliant though.

    The Unseen also has quite good stuff under their belt.

    And a pretty good cover:

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    Quote Originally Posted by dexter85 View Post
    Lately I've been feeling that I'm listening to the same songs over and over again - which is great cause they're great songs - however, I'd like to discover some "new" music. The radio is a waste of time and I have no music channels that play alternative rock/punk. Therefore, I hope some of you would help me out by recommending some bands or songs I should listen to.

    My taste in the alternative/punk genre is as follows:
    - The Offspring (everything they've ever released)
    - Bad Religion (not so much the early stuff but from The Gray Race and so forth)

    If you are into 90's skate punk I would recommend these 3 bands that have not been mentioned

    Pennywise - I'm sure you heard of them I would start with Full Circle or Straight Ahead

    Face To Face - I would recommend the first 3 albums

    Bodyjar - A band from Australia a little more similar to pop punk/alternative rock

    Also if you are a fan of Rise Against and AFI you might like bands like Alkaline Trio or Anti Flag for Alkaline Trio I would start with this one

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    I've been in a post-hardcore phase lately. Escape the Fate is one of the better groups. Their first album, Dying is Your Latest Fashion, is more pop punk influenced than their newer stuff. A lot of their songs kind of have an 80s hair metal vibe that somehow works.

    The newest The Used cd, Vulnerable, to me, has a bit of a The Offspring circa '97-'99 vibe, which is cool.
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    The Used
    I once spent an hour with them hiding from a tornado at a Kansas service station.

    That is all.
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