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Thread: BBS Mixtape Vol VIII

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    Quote Originally Posted by T-6005 View Post
    Brianna - Who You're Not - What were you using at this point? A dynamic mic? Anyway. Nice vocal arrangements. You've always had an ear for vocal harmonies, I think, and this is no exception. How did you get the reverb on the background guitar? Was it applied in post or a vagary of recording? It's nice, and I like where you go for the ending, but you do get some pretty bad clipping at that point.
    I guess I was using a dynamic mic - I don't really know. I just took it from my step-dad a long time ago. I think it's probably meant for karaoke or something - definitely not meant for recording. Small, crappy microphone. The reverb was applied via Audacity, post-recording. I'm in the process of redoing it with better quality.
    Brianna J - Discomfort Inn
    - Nice cover. You did pretty well without a condenser mic, all things considered. You'll have to link us to the updated version. Very folksy tune, great way to end the mixtape.
    It's here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Llamas View Post
    I already managed to make a recording of Discomfort Inn I'm fairly happy with - this microphone is amazing! Hopefully will get a proper recording of Who You're Not this weekend!
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    Quote Originally Posted by T-6005 View Post
    Naturally Brewed - Last of the Mexicans - Huh, I really enjoyed this. It's excellently mixed and recorded, and there's a ton of melodic merit to it. It's a really enjoyable tune
    Damn man that's really nice to read. I really spent a long time on the mixing/recording of this. I think because I was working with other people too, and wanted to make them happy with it, and not just messing with my own takes. Also I'm so glad you can't tell about the brass, haha. It was one in my DAW, using a plug-in for orchestra instruments. It took a shit load of tweaking to make them sound as real as I could. Me and the other two kind of played around on my keyboard to come up with the actual part.
    Quote Originally Posted by T-6005 View Post

    Ciaran Lyttle - Rainin' Blues - Yeah, I could fuck to this. Except then I would be prone to saying things like "damn, the control on those bends... I mean your bends, baby."
    Best. compliment. ever. Really though, it's nice to hear from another lead guitar style player, because my bends and vibrato is probably the thing I've worked on more than anything else, so that's real gratifying
    I did it all for the lulz.
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    I don't think I'm like this anymore, though many on this forum might think otherwise.
    As I've grown up some. back in the day. I even use myself as an example. reflected on things that happened in the past. I have a better understanding of things now. At least I can admit it now. I have somehow caused this situation by mentioning how I used to act on here. how I've changed. I'm a relatively normal poster now

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrconeman
    That arpeggiated thing that starts at about 1.50 minutes in, what the fuck *is* that? How do I do it?
    Forgot to answer this, in case you still want to know, and because this is one of my favorite things that I've done and I reuse it every so often.

    First set up a track with your synth of choice, an arpeggiator and whatever chord progression you want. I usually throw in plenty pf diminished or augmented accent notes for less than a quarter note duration just so they show up during the rotation. You're pretty much set at that point because the only trick is to find the arpeggiator speed slide and set it to manual control with a tempo sync (that last part just makes it easier). Then you jimmy it up and down during the track until you find a dynamic configuration that you like.

    That's it. I find it adds a fair bit of punch and even a bit of variety to tracks
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