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    This looks fuckin' crazyballs. Like all the best aspects of The Dark Knight (in terms of scope, ambition) without all of that movie's bullshit.

    Coming from guys who're best known for writing/directing episodes of Arrested Development and Community, this is pretty shocking. Like, where did they even learn to...?

    Obviously a totally different tone from the first movie, like it needed to be. Seems the most "intense" of the Marvel movies, love the big Cold War remnants conspiracy thriller angle. Awesome cast, seemingly a lot of practical effects in this, looks to be setting up the corruption of SHIELD to the core and everyone going all rogue and independent.

    Fuck yeah. Thor 2 was hit-and-miss, but overall Phase 2's going to kick so much ass. This'll knock IM1 off the top of the pile, assuming it doesn't fall apart at the end like that movie.

    Oh, yeah, Evans fucking rocks as Steve, too, even if he is smaller than all the goons he fights. Minor nitpicking. Scarlett actually seems to get to go all morally-ambiguous-assassin in this for once, too. Redford's likely a friggin' Nazi, awesome.
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