Clearly, this is an attention whore thread. I need sympathetic comments to deal with the frustration.

So you see, I have this client. I won't explain the case because well, it's complicated and my english isn't that good. It's not criminal, it's civil and it has something to do with money she had to pay as the owner of the appartment in a building.

That woman, she's crazy. But nice crazy. Excentric would be more like it. She's my first very own client. Before that, my clients were the firm I was working in or one-time clients as an appointed lawyer.

First client, crazy, nice.

I spent countless hours on her case because I cared and I didn't want to fuck this up. Made her pay nothing compared to the work I gave but it didn't matter.

Before starting the trial (it takes about a year and half exchanging arguments in writing before you actually plead), I studied a lot and estimated our winning chances. They were SO GOOD !

written law wasn't so clear but case law was completely in my favor, the position of the Supreme court was stable since 1999.

AND IT CHANGED ! This summer. In july. The decision has been published this autumn and there goes my case.

I'm fucked.

And this is so unfair. That woman deserves to win, she paid stuff that weren't dued but the Supreme Court just decided that it couldn't apply retroactively because it would be too complicated.