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    All across Europe today people are commemorating the start of the great tragedy known as World War I. I thought it fitting to take a moment to commemorate it here, on The Offspring BBS. Why, you may ask? Because this forum is as good a reminder as any of how far we have come. Yes, the world still struggles with the evils of war, yet the average citizens of the world, people like you and I, have never been so united. The internet has allowed us to form bonds of friendship and entire communities with like-minded individuals from around the globe. This is a magnificent thing and I suspect most of us take it for granted more often than not. Today, I would like to suggest we take a moment to really savour how fucking awesome this all is. How fucking awesome our lives are and how fucking awesome it is that we all get to know each other.

    The bonds we all share here are a worthy testament to those who lost their lives in the trenches, the skies, the seas and their homes. I doubt any of them thought they were fighting for this, but I like to think they'd be proud of us now.

    Again, I know the world is far from perfect. We've got a long way to go. But we've come a long way too, and today, out of respect, I feel like highlighting the positive.

    To the Lost.
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    Yet, the BBS is so dead like it has experienced some kind of war. The great dying of dinosaurs, pardon, moderators, haha. The 3rd BBS world war somewhere around 2007? Negativity for the win, yay!
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    We haven't exactly advanced any as a species since 1917. Same old shit, different cultural and technological specifics.

    As all those guys die out, that lived through the two world wars, the next generations aren't going to have that perspective, no reason it all can't or won't happen again.

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    Oh I couldn't, couldn't agree more. Human perfectibility? What a joke.

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