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Thread: Upcoming new album list - sept. 2014!!!!

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    Post Upcoming new album list - sept. 2014!!!!

    According to, The Offspring realeased the upcoming new album at the end-middle of 2014. The new album is called: "Running Over You". Now, the band are in the process to recording and sign in "RoadRunners Records".

    This is the list as today (Posibility song):

    Running Over You
    The Womanlovers
    When Im Going Down
    Stop To Talk & Do It Something
    Chigi Chigi Of Diggi Puppy On A Chocolate Box
    Behind Reflections
    Get Ready (Fix Machine)

    On March, we have a lot of News.

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    Do you have a link? I don't see anything on

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    first post from the guy on forums... prbly fake news
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    Clearly a hoax. I don't seen any information about the new Offspring album on
    The founder of The Offspring Wikia, and looking for someone to help out, find out why at this thread.

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    We always get this news promising some upcoming release with a bogus track list then we end up waiting another couple of years. Roadrunner is almost all hardcore metal too right?

    The math doesn't add up here, nice try though OP.
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    Chigi Chigi Of Diggi Puppy On A Chocolate Box

    I don't even care if this is real or not, that made my day

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