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    Holy shit, new Johnny Cash song! This made my day. Like a present from the universe.

    I can't decide yet what I actually think of it because I'm too excited. Some of the music sounds maybe a tad too derivative of his own previous hits (1:15 mark for example) but then again that's nothing new, especially for Johnny. Some of the music sounds perhaps a little incongruous with the vocals but so did the David Allan Coe original. Which isn't bad either, actually. Outlaw Country 4 lyfe motherfuckers. I guess it's too much to hope that a Johnny cover of If That Ain't Country might surface. Particularly since Johnny himself is mentioned in it. But I can dream.

    Apparently there's a whole new Johnny Cash album coming out in a few days. Recorded in the '80s and lost until now. I need a moment to process this information.
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    Dunno exactly why but it reminded me of The Fall Guy - The Unknown Stuntman Lee Majors. Don't ask.
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