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Thread: It's okay to pirate a band's music if they're well-off enough

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    Under preferences, uncheck 'Share my activity and what I listen to on Facebook.' Though it is weird that they determine when your private session is over, not you.
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    Lol hey kinda forgot about this thread. Anyway, I find the piracy debate boring and generally agree that it's pretty much not OK, and it's not 1999 anymore and it doesn't even make much sense. I think stream-based revenue is a more interesting topic for today.

    Quote Originally Posted by XYlophonetreeZ View Post
    I think more artists are going to warm up to it as it's pretty clear that music consumption is going in that direction, much as we've seen movies and TV warm up to Netflix. They're not gonna make '90s CD sales money, but it's getting better, not worse.
    This is really the point that I want to emphasize. I'd like to see them pay the artists more, and I'd definitely consider paying more than $9.99 a month if I knew that the artists were being paid more. But to me, it's clear that the music industry is headed in the direction of stream-based revenue, so imperfect as it is now, I want it to work and believe it ultimately will.

    I didn't mean to all-out defend the current state of Spotify, and I'm actually undecided as to whether I'll keep the premium version, but I can't for the life of me see any problems with the free version, since it generates ad revenue and it really couldn't ever be a substitute for owning music. People who opt for free Spotify don't do so as an alternative to buying albums, they do it as an alternative to piracy and Youtube playlists.

    I guess the current situation is kind of like that South Park episode where they argue that America needs its citizens to both support and oppose war in order to fight them effectively, except that I think in this case the mission is a lot more honorable than most wars, lol. The more people use streaming services, the more revenue there is, but as long as there's dissatisfaction with the current system, there's likely to be improvement on the way.
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