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Worst Hangover Ever.

When You're In Prison.

Cruisin' California.

OC Guns.

These songs are so bad to my ears that I have them deleted from my iPod so that I can listen to the albums that they are on from start to finish without issue.

This is kind of what I was talking about. Splinter had some of their best music they've ever recorded, but it was a very short record, and the flow kept being broken up by songs like The Worst Hangover Ever, Spare Me the Details, and When You're in Prison. I actually like all three of those songs, because like I said before, they're not meant to be regarded in the same light as their other music. If you listen to them like you would a Bloodhound Gang song, they're entirely enjoyable (unless you just hate all things pop). But the Worst Hangover Ever is sandwiched right in between Head Around You and Never Gonna Find Me, and Spare Me the Details is between Lightning Rod and Da Hui. Splinter was just a trainwreck as far as the tracklisting went, although I enjoy like 10/12 of the songs on it.