I found this video of Dystra Li playing The Kids Aren't Alright with lyrics in Swedish:

Here are the lyrics, translated by me from Swedish into English. It is a bit rough and literal.

The Children Are Not Feeling Well

When we were young the future was bright
It played around and sang i every house
Back then, there was always something happening in the city
Yes, I remember that I was happy as a child

Now the years have been lost and the street lights have been turned off
The children have grown up and the hatred have grown
Unemployment have become so hard
In only a few years

But I want to be back
To the time that was
Dreams are broken
There is nothing left of what used to be

Johanna had the chance to become something big
Instead she dropped out and became a mother of two
Johan is being a tramp at home, have given up hopes and sport
The welfare, he smokes away

Benjamin, the poor fellow, he took his life
Kalle an overdose and a bloody knife
Nightmares become reality
Nothing is what it used to be