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Thread: If your friend is attacked in front of you, do you feel obligated to do something?

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    I ALWAYS stand of for my friends, even for people I barely know, I don't know why, I always get myself in the middle of fist fights or brawls, I just can't stand the violence, and I've been lucky, because I've never been punched, so, yeah, always help the ones in need, specially if they are your friends.

    I think that's what you should do if you feel capable of using your strength to stop the fight, but I have this friend who was hit by a car when he was like 14, he has this enormous scar on his head, and he is very very thin and weak, whenever my crew has been in trouble or intense situations, he just flees until the danger is gone, and that is cool, I rather have him get to somewhere safe to help in the aftermath than staying and getting injured, he would become a liability instead of more muscle. I think that's reasonable.
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    I wish they carried on stuff like that in the elevators at my workplace. Knowing now it's all for the show, I'd be so brave! People would turn and point at me: "It's the woman what rescued that guy who was getting killed in the lift! I recognise her! Man, what a brave fit of bravery that was!"
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    Of course I would do something, but, what that something is would depend entirely on the situation and location. Attacking the offender, acting as a shield, creating a diversion, or simply just calling 911 would be any of the things that I could do. I can't give a definitive answer unless I was given (an) example(s) of scenarios.
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    No, I don't. It's their problem.

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    I have done twice in the past, and that's even after one of them didn't do so for me in a hairy situation, so yes.

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