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    The Offspring store on the website here has insane shipping prices. I would assume that this is because I live in Australia and it all ships from the States, so is there some way to order stuff from a bit closer so the shipping doesn't double the price of what I'm ordering?

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    As far as I know, all of the merch in the band store ships from the same warehouse. Some of the things you see (or nearly identical copies of it) on the band's site turn up elsewhere, after a while, but I've not had much luck finding the newer tshirts anywhere else. The older designs are much easier to find. Honestly, your best bet to save money on shipping is to plan to buy at a show. They try to hit Austrailia whenever they can. Their merch stand prices are the same as what you see on the site, within a dollar or two, or cheaper.
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    Yah even shipping to Canada cost me about 50$ ebay has a lot of new shirts and stuff too. Genuine licensed merch and it ships from many places. might e a better deal there also.

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