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    So on one hand there's this: When people speak about life and inspiration, hearing the assumption that all obstacles can be surmounted is rather infuriating to me. Perhaps all obstacles can be made more manageable, but they can't all be surmounted. Now on the other hand, I also have this visceral hatred for people who seem to latch onto excuses that they believe justifies any type of bad behavior they might engage in. And it's not just hatred for these people themselves, but also for the people that buy into this crap and enable those who seek to manipulate the sympathy of others. I'm having trouble rectifying these two seemingly contradictory ideas. Anyone relate to this?
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    I surmounted all obstacles and now I live in the Horologium supercluster. I drink beer with god regularly.

    All obstacles can be surmounted, just not by every person at the time. Some of them won't be solved in your lifetime. Oh wait, I fucked god's girlfriend and now he's pissed off creating an insurmountable obstacle.
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    I believe obstacle can be surmounted if you find solution to solve it.

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    Wrong again my fledgling geniuses. Sometimes...a poor decision can never be overcome.

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