Everyone knows cake is a sacred confectionery treat intended for one man and one woman.

A state that discriminates against gay people enforcing anti-discrimination of gay people? Hmm.

I think he should appeal on the grounds that he's not discriminating against gay customers. I'm sure he's perfectly willing to serve gay customers. He just won't sell gay wedding cakes. If a straight dude wanted to buy a gay wedding cake he presumably wouldn't sell one then either. That may sound like a petty distinction but give it a little more thought. You wouldn't force a shopkeeper to stock an item he didn't want to stock. This is basically that. He shouldn't be forced to make a cake he doesn't want to make. I'm overwhelmed by the absurdity of that statement and the necessity of making it.

Please be aware this doesn't mean I support his views. I'm solidly pro-gay and pro-cake. I'm only supporting his right to not make certain cakes, not his stupid beliefs. The best solution here is to allow him the freedom to only make the cakes his imaginary friend approves of and those of us who think his views are dumb can just get diabetes elsewhere.

Dissenting opinions?