Yo guys!

I'm finally attending my FIRST Offspring show this summer, been waiting half my life!! So I figured I want some new t-shirts for the occation (and some buttons and stickers to place on my guitars and stuff), but I'm struggling to choose between medium (M) and large (L), as I tend to use both sizes as they differ from t-shirt to t-shirt.

I'm a tall, thin bastard who don't like the t-shirts too big and floppy (therefore no XL), but I don't know how the sizes are here. My brother got me this one in small (S) black - http://modlife.com/shopoffspring/pro...roducts_id=726 - and that one is VERY tight on me. Too tight I can't use it. So I think M may be how I like it, but I will gladly hear your opinions and experiences!

Here's some pictures of me I just found quickly for you to judge, whatever (always the one to the left). I'm like 6"4.