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    It's so cool to know that The Offspring will play smash in it's entirely this summer. I'm going to see them in burlington next August 8th. Can't wait!!!
    It would be awesome to have all old/rare songs for the second set from their first album and ignition.
    They played old/rare songs on their second set for the Ignition tour as well in 2012.....lightning rod, elders, beaheaded, mota
    That would be my perfect second set: Get it right, dirty magic, nothing from something, elders, beaheaded, meaning of life, mota,amazed,change the world and lightning rod.
    What would be your's?

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    I think it would be cool if they played something from the first album since it just turned 25 years old or maybe even a new song?

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    Exactly something from the first album would be great, ignition songs or maybe rare played songs like lightning rod, the meaning of life or million miles away,but we sadly know that's not gonna happen at least on festivals like (download,rock am ring,rock im park). This smash tour is based on smash songs and one encore who has been (all I want, yggfk,staring at the sun,wdygaj, head around you,pretty,tkaa) in every single show. We probably get another songs when they play in a club or something like that

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    I just want to hear Dirty Magic and I Choose so I can die a happy man.

    We get a double show in NYC, so hopefully night 2 they toss us a rarity.

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