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Thread: Live Smash CD/DVD?

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    Default Live Smash CD/DVD?

    I think The Offspring should film one of these shows and put out a live Smash CD/DVD

    Do you think it would be a good idea if the band did this?

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    For a band that hasn't put out any live albums or EPs, I wouldn't mind if they ease themselves in with just a live CD. To be honest, they're not an incredibly visual band (though as a fan, I'd watch anything). Still, I think it'd be odd to just have a live Smash CD as a standalone release. I'd say either couple the CD with live video content, or maybe have some kind of limited edition 2-disc Smash CD set with a live CD.
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    A live CD or DVD of this would be cool.
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    They could combine a DVD with any of the Ignition shows from two years ago.
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    Default dvd!

    I find them to be great visually. You just need a high end production company to do the show. Kontakt productions does all the best ones now a days. they would make it amazing!

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    There is even an old silver cd bootleg from the 90's called ''the live smash'' I think a live Smash album would be a really cool release

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