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Thread: Summer Nationals Tour is going to rock!!

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    Default Summer Nationals Tour is going to rock!!

    Good to hear them planning on playing the whole Smash album++
    that should make a great night. See you there.

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    Yeah it is! I really think this is the best tour I have ever seen

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    Default Fuckin eh!

    Toronto show is in just over a week for me, cant fucking wait!!!!!!!

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    Could someone give me a ride from London, ON to the Toronto's show next Thursday? LOL

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    Default Tonight!!!

    For those who are not going to the show in person tonight,
    Don't forget to remember to see the show tonight (about 11 hours from right now) on Yahoo concert thingy. I have watched a couple shows like that online with Yahoo and it works pretty easy, and I am not that computer smart, it just works, unlike a lot things these days.

    Go to yahoo around that time and I am sure they wont let you miss the message.


    Thanks to DH, GK and Noodles for keeping on keeping on, I appreciate that.
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    Default The live show on Yahoo from San Diego Labor Day weekend

    Wow! That was a awesome. That was a real treat.

    Thank you very much for letting us watch your show
    from home. The internet delivery was hassle / drama free.

    The sound was great, the video delivery was good,
    the camera angles were great, it was over all Perfecto.
    Thank You Yahoo and The Offspring for this treat.

    I could go on and on... but I won't...
    unless you want to hear it, but I doubt you or anyone reading this does...
    so I will save it. I will just leave it at.... I could listen to you guys play
    your great music for another couple of hours tonight.

    That was a lot of fun, and fun is a good thing to have.

    Again, I am delighted and thankful that DH, GK and N have
    stuck around all these years and are now gaining new fans.

    Cheers Men, well done.. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO.

    Be sure to release tonight's show somewhere/somehow,
    I would love a copy and I bet other would too. SMASH LIVE!!

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    went to see them in San Diego, and it was awesome!
    It only took me 20 years to see them play the SMASH album live. That album literally changed my life!!

    Loved them back then, love them still, and will always be a fan.

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    I loved seeing "It'll Be a Long Time" or "Not the One" live! I never thought I would hear those songs live so I was so stoked. I felt like the other songs they choose to play were perfect (Kids Arent Alright, Gonna Go Far Kid, All I Want), the crowd was digging them for sure. I loved that they also included Pennywise, Vandals and Bad Religion, total SoCal punk show !

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