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Thread: The Friday Prophets - Amsterdam (Music video, punk like it was 1994)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jojan View Post
    Jag såg att ni ska spela i Stockholm den 27:e september. Om det inte vore för Beat Butchers-kalaset samma dag, kanske man kunde ha kikat förbi.
    Ah förhoppningsvis kommer vi och lirar fler ggr i Sthlm. Vi har nu också bokat in en spelning på Brother Tuck med tre andra band den 26e Sept också. Saknar du planer så är vi där och lever om!

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    Default New music video: Guardian Angel

    Hello forum föckers!

    We have projected our three dimensional wolrd intro a digitalized flow of pictures now floating around in cyber space giving people hope and meaning to their life. Check it out on youtube!

    Please tell us what part you hate the most :')

    Edde aka Dangerous Dave, TFP

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    Default Just thought we would share our latest track!

    We made a cover of Swedish punk band Randy's song Proletarian Hop.

    Here's the link to the song: ... andy-cover

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    Quote Originally Posted by fridayprophets View Post
    We made a cover of Swedish punk band Randy's song Proletarian Hop.

    Here's the link to the song: ... andy-cover
    Proper URL:
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    Sometimes I love Jojan <3
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    Jojan is not ignorant. He is the king. You are the enemy.
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    I appreciate Jojan.
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    Jojan you are my favorite!!
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    Jojan fucking owns!
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    jojan's right boob = hawt
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    Jojan, you are awesome
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    Jojan für den Sieg.
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    I like Jojan's signature.
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    Jojan for President!
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    I actually think Jojan is pretty funny in his own right.
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    Jojan's signature is the longest and most beloved. <3
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    Maybe because it came from Jojan, and Jojan rules.
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    Jojan is right
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    Jojans planer låter bra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fridayprophets View Post
    Hello Offspringers and other maniacs!

    I'm a member of a band called The Friday Prophets, we're from Sweden and we play punk/rock. Our biggest influence is punk/rock from '94 I would say so we play fast and melodic. Below is a link to our first music video which we did a while ago. It is a very strange video and the plot is very unclear.

    Hope you like it!

    Link to the video:

    You guys are great! Just found this post now. It'd be cool to tour with you guys, I'll be contacting!

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    Default New music video: My Storms to Conquer

    So, we just released a music video for a song from our upcoming Ep.
    Press play and have a drink!

    Link to the video:

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    Default We love Bad Religion so we covered Yesterday

    Hello madams and sirs!

    Hope you're in the mood for some Bad Religion. The track is a bonus track from our latest Ep 'My Storms to Conquer'. You can listen to it on one of the links below.



    Have a most flabbergasting day!

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    Cool cover thanks for posting it

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    Default Where to listen to our music!

    Hello forum riders!
    Just updating this post with some links to our full albums. Links below.

    Bits & Pieces (2013):
    My Storms to Conquer (2016):



    Hope you enjoy!

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    Default New Tour Video: Metaperceptive Overload

    We did a music video containing footage from the road and from gigs during 2017. Check it out on YouTube!


    Facebook page:


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