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Thread: Remembering Tommy Ramone

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    Default Remembering Tommy Ramone

    As many of you have probably learned, Tommy Ramone, last surviving member of the original Ramones has died. Normally, this would be an off-topic discussion, but because of their tremendous influence on The Offspring, as well as just about every punk band of the last three decades, I think it's appropriate.

    Check out Vogue's list of their top Ramones covers in tribute:

    Glad to see "I Wanna Be Sedated" on the list, The Offspring absolutely killed that one, without changing it too drastically either.

    For further reading, here's Dexter's interview with Joey:

    Some more Ramones covers:

    R.I.P., Tommy. We all miss you.
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    I would really like to hear a studio version of California Sun I hope they do it as a B side

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    Default Dinosaurs are dead. :D

    Let's listen to fresher and punker bands than The Offspring or Ramones at the moment:

    So let's move FORWARD.
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