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Thread: Summer tour VIP???

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    Default Summer tour VIP???

    Looking up the VIP info for the upcoming tour and pretty bummed that for $200 you get a bunch of random goodies and somehow it doesn't include a meet and greet. Is that normal? I'd heard that Offspring have done meet and greets regularly in the past.

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    Every time I've had a "meet and greet" its normally through a sponsor, be it a radio station or company putting the show on.
    I've never seen an option to pay for a meet and greet although I live in Canada and for some reason the band is partial with meet and greets here.
    I've had three opportunities to meet with the band. The first one was rushed and didn't actually "meet" the band. More like the band was 5' back behind a velvet rope and you'd stand in front. No talking, no autographs, rush in, snap pic (my pic was super blurry. Couldn't make out any faces), rush out. And that was 2 hours after the meet and greet was supposed to happen. I ended up getting tackled outside the venue while talking to my friend after the show who was their stage manager at the time.
    The second time I was in contact with the venues owner and they were in contact with the bands management. I was literally outside their tour bus with the venue owner (who was exchanging emails with the bands manager for weeks to make this happen)when their manager came out and said "Nope, you can't meet the band" and threatened to kick me and the venue owner off the premises if we didn't leave.
    The third time actually worked in my favor. I knew the opening band, the sponsoring radio station, and the photographer. When it was time to get my picture taken with the band my friend taking the picture pretended he was having issues with his camera so I got about 30 seconds to shake everyone's hands and slip Dexter a fan letter before my buddy said "Ah, was just a dead battery. OK, lets shoot this".

    It seems that since they've gotten bigger they don't really care about their fans. I don't care if I have to pay to meet them I'd just like 5 minutes to get pictures, autographs, and talk to them.
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    Yeah I agree that VIP should include meet and greet

    Quote Originally Posted by RexDarr View Post
    I've never seen an option to pay for a meet and greet
    I paid for meet and greet at the Ignition show last year

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